GalleryView » Image Panning

Some users may have images with extreme aspect ratios; setting panel_scale to 'fit' may result in an image that is smaller than desired, so the option exists to crop the image but allow the user to drag the image within to view otherwise hidden portions of it.

Also, by removing the filmstrip navigation and creating 'dot' style custom thumbnail images, we again alter the style of the gallery.

    frame_width: 8,
    frame_height: 8,
    frame_gap: 8,
    pan_images: true,
    show_filmstrip_nav: false,
    show_infobar: false

Note - There is a known bug in Chrome where the cursor is only updated on mousemove; this causes the openhand/closedhand cursor to not function as well as I'd like it to in Google's otherwise awesome browser. I'll try to find a workaround.

Photographs courtesy of November 18, 2011 article on the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest. All photographs are copyrighted by their original owners.